Hello beautiful people out there! Here is my first ever blog and it’s all about Pets. Just because I adore them the most!


Men’s relation with animals is very old. They can be traced back to the beginning of civilization. Basically, man is also an animal, but a relation and wise animal. Man is the best creation and measure of all things. However, his kinship with animals is well established. Darwin believed that man has evolved from Monkeys. Thus, they are our ancestors.

“Once Friends, always friends”

They will never turn hostile or enemies came what may. They are constant, loyal and faithful till the last. They do not know betrayal, deceit or foul play. That is why they have been so useful to mankind.


  • Cats are kept as a pets, for they kill rats and other rodents. They are also very good to play with. In western countries cats are very popular as pets. They make a good constant company.
  • Besides, research have found that owning a cat can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes by more than a third !
Hah! My best friend have got one and I can call it Mine.!


  • Dogs are kept as pets for protection and safety. They are kept matchless in faithfulness and loyalty. They help in hunting, in rearing sheep and in protection properties. They also help in detecting and tracking thieves and criminals.  For the police, they are very useful in this respect.
  • Dogs are intelligent and have a very sensitive nose. Their sense of smelling is very sharp.
  • The dog is man’s one of the oldest friends. They are trained for many other purposes as well. They are very good guides and can help wonderfully the blind. They draw sledges in snow-bound areas. They can also save travelers lost in snow-storms or buried in snow and ice.
St. Bernard's dogs are very famous for such rescuing services. 
And I've got one named CoCo.

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