Shade Game feat. Kylie Cosmetics

Wassup pretty girls out there! I am back with something more ‘interesting’. It’s all about ‘Shade and Brand’.

What does your shade of lipstick say about psyche?


There’s basically no product Jenner can’t crush! ; Valentine’s Day? Check! Christmas? Check!

Kylie Jenner’s beauty brand, Kylie Cosmetics has celebrated basically every major holiday with a new  collection. But, there’s one holiday that’s the best of all: Jenner’s Birthday.


Now that her birthday was nearly there, Jenner has revealed the Kylie Cosmetics’ 20th Birthday Collection, and it’s just her most epic yet!

Recently I have got my mini Velvet Lip Kit.



The Velvet formula set is a perfect mix of vibrant hues and nudes. LA, Party Girl, Birthday Suit, Sprinkle, Commando, and Surprise Me are all brand new shades with the sweet fragrance taste.


All-Pink-Birthday-Collection I WANT IT ALL!

I do think Kylie Jenner is so popular because she represents what everybody wanna be. No doubt in that.

I am so hooked  with Kylie Cosmetics. I have got mine.What about you? If you haven’t collected this yet, GRAB NOW!!!

Comment your favourite shade and reveal your attitude!

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