Flamingo Flowers!

Hip Hip Hurray! It’s Sunday People.Weekend vibes.

Y’all know I’m foodie. 🙈 and yes recently I visited new pizza restaurant which was newly opened out in my town named Pizza Up.

On my pizza table there was a red bloomy flower nearby me and I went near to check it out what it really is. And I figured it out that it was ‘Anthuriums‘. Most attractive flower. from my favorite list. So here I’m with my new BLOOMY blog.


Guys, Do you know what beautiful plants Anthuriums are? They’re So Chic and even easy to find in any floristry and nurseries near us.

If you want to give away attractive and long lasting flowers, then the Anthuriums are the right even best choice for ya!


They are very beautiful plants with brilliant bloomy green leaves and colorful bracts and a big pistils. They are tropical flowers with long lasting life. A cut flower can live up to 8 weeks in a vase, depending on the verity and the season.

Red Anthuriums are the most popular, but we can find them in so many different colors such as Orange, Purple, Yellow and even in Green.

An interesting fact is that the colorful bract is the one considered as flower, the majority of times, but this is a mistake. Guys, the real flower grows inside the pistil and looks like little little balls.

Tiny little balls!

Tiny little balls!

They’re ideal to decorate events such as Wedding, Convocation, Inauguration, Exhibition or Office ceremonies as well. Besides, you can use it in your home decor as a house plant, not even in your house you can use it in your office or cafe/restaurant whatever, wherever you like..!

Due to their open, heart-shape and long lasting characteristic they are popular as hostess or hospitality gifts.

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades. In order to be Irreplaceable one must always be different..Just like Anthuriums.

Ding dong… It’s an “Add to cart” kinda day! So I’m in hurry. Gotta go. See ya soon..!

Have a nice day. Xoxo 💕

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