Just Wing It!

Hello angels. Missed me?

I hope you’re all having a good day.

So, I’m back with some wingy vibes….

I’m late mostly because of my liquid eyeliner. Haha! Let me revel a secret behind it, the secret behind my wingcolor is My New Eyeliner.


VeryMe Eyeliner

Brand: Oriflame

Name: Veryme Liquid Eyeliner

Quantity: 3.5ml

Shades available: 5


Glossy eyeliner in electrifying shades and means all eyes on you. Glide on smoothly for super-precise lines for an ultra-glamourous look.

My experiences:

  • Petrol blue
  • Pure blue
  • Green


I was gifted these eyeliners from my sister. She gave me them in three shades namely, blue, petrol blue and green. They come in total five shades including Brown and Black. But since she knew I already had many Black and Brown colored eyeliners she skipped those. She always has her eye on the booklets of Oriflame and the moment she sees the word ‘Offer’, she starts to prepare her list then and there.



Now coming to the eyeliners, the shades are really awesome. The tip of the applicator being firm made it easy for me to apply since ‘m not so good at applying them. The colors are really gorgeous specially the green one, so nicely pigmented! Even, the staying power is good. You can easily carry them in your pocket around. They won’t leak.

I’m enjoying my make-up with these eyeliners. Get them soon if you wish to because they are not available easily. I don’t know why Oriflame is going so slow on stock of these since there’s a high demand for them going.

PROs of Oriflame VeryMe Eyeliner

  • They are available in five shades.
  • I do not find them expensive for the quality they offer.
  • The colors are very nicely pigmented.
  • The staying power is also good.
  • Since they are small in size, you can simply keep them in your pocket.
  • Packaging is really nice.

“Yesterday’s eyeliner can be today’s Smokey eye if you believe in yourself.”

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