Click click Game Ft. InstaxMini 8

Knock knock! How’s ya’all doing? You’re a photogenic? Then you must read this.


For the past few years, images with Retro Filters have become all the rage on social media. With sites like Instagram, retro is hip and continues to be so.

Another thing that is retro but have lost its ground amid all this social media circus, is Instant Film Camera, or say cameras like Polaroid. Only a niche class of people used it earlier. Now, almost nobody uses it.

FujiFilm, however, buoyed by the love for everything filter in the world of social media photography, is trying to bring back the retro feel to cameras. It has launched a few compact, and rather toy-like cameras, that churn out instant photos, all filtered and developed in an instant.

One of these cameras is Instax Mini 8.

As the name suggests, it is a small, almost cute camera that pushes out photos instantly. The retro bit is not only limited to the camera type.The photos too have a rather retro look to them.


So is it worth buying a camera from the past in the 21st century? Lemme tell you.


Design and Build Quality:

There is not much to talk when it comes to the design of the camera. Design-wise, it is probably the least innovative thing came out of Fuji’s factory. Why do I say that? Take a look at Polaroid 300 Instant camera. No doubt Fuji has made it plainer, uni colored, but other than that it is almost a true copy of Polaroid 300’s design, which in itself wasn’t a bad design. In fact this chubby, cute design is good.


The camera is not heavy, but feels strong enough. However, I would advise you to hold it tightly. If you drop it, the plastic may crack..! Talking of plastic, the material used in the camera is smooth and doesn’t feel cheap. The buttons, battery cover, and flash may feel a little flimsy but they can take some beating..!

On the back, the camera has a cover that can be opened to put the Instant Film Strips.

The design makes the camera comfortable to hold while clicking pictures in portrait mode. Though, holding it in landscape mode feels cumbersome. The position of the camera button is not entirely suitable to take landscape pictures unless you have really long fingers and a huge palm.



The Instax Mini 8 is basically meant for those who click pictures for ‘pleasure‘, as the company states it is targeted at children and women. To extend the company’s view further, we would say this camera is for those who don’t like to or can’t fiddle with too many settings in a camera. So basically, it is not a camera for professionals or even amateurs.

It’s more of a fun way to click photos and not a tool that will help you shoot your picnic.

To take a picture, just like old camera you look inside the eyepiece, capture the subject and click. Instantly a white film comes out from the top of the camera. Don’t worry, it won’t stay white forever. Within a minute or two, the photo starts developing and in another four to five minutes it takes its final form..!

Another thing to take note of is that it is entirely an Instant Film Camera, which means there is no way you can get a digital copy of the photo, unless you decide to scan the ones you have clicked. Not having an option to save photos digitally may sound so 90s, but well, it is meant to be like that..!

The camera comes with no special settings per se but four options to accommodate the brightness of the environment. We took pictures inside a dimly-lit place, inside a brightly-lit place, under a sunny sky, and on a cloudy day. As I said earlier, it is not a camera for professionals. It is both irrational and unreasonable to expect DSLR quality photos from this camera.

Under all the above stated settings, the camera faired well. If you follow the brightness settings, you can get impressive image quality too. For the photos taken indoors, the best results are achieved when you rotate the settings to a ‘Hi-key‘ function.


The photos captured have a retro feel to them with dim and subtle lighting, toned down colors, and an overall touch of antiquity to it. The film strips are sold separately and cost a bomb, so I would advise you to take pictures after a thought or two.


Should you buy it?

Almost all of us have those family photo albums at home, that are 15-20 years old and that our parents clicked. The Instax Mini 8 is like a portal to those old times when photographs meant to be cherished and people used to be proud of them. Personally, i love the camera.

Get yours

Walk • Look • See • Stop • Photograph •

Make Memories With Fuji Film Instax Mini 8.


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